Contra - Against Impure Skin

Impure skin only during puberty? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

The face is the soul of the body. Stress, tiredness, cigarettes and alcohol are often the reasons for a bad complexion, and in women over thirty there are usually also hormonal changes in the body. The complexion becomes more irregular - sometimes dry and then greasy again, it shows blackheads and pimples.

Skin impurities require consistent and intensive care. Our CONTRA series will help you to combat this skin type in the shortest possible time.
CONTRA Washing Gel CONTRA Washing Gel
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CONTRA Washing Gel
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  • CONTRA Washing Gel
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  • CONTRACream
CONTRA Purifying Tonic CONTRA Purifying Tonic
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CONTRA Purifying Tonic
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  • CONTRA Purifying Tonic
CONTRAMineral Mask CONTRAMineral Mask
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CONTRAMineral Mask
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  • CONTRAMineral Mask
CONTRA Matte Finish CONTRA Matte Finish
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CONTRA Matte Finish
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  • CONTRA Matte Finish