WHITE TEA - Anti Aging

Records show that white tea was drunk by the Chinese emperors of the Song Dynasty as early as 1500 years ago. The drink was valued for its properties to fight fatigue, positively influence mood and strengthen will. White tea was also said to be an important ingredient in an elixir of immortality. Today, white tea, known as "Yinzhen" (silver needle), is mainly produced in China, primarily in the high mountains of Fujian province. Only the youngest leaves, the top tips of the tea plant, are picked for a few days in spring when white buds emerge.

Its ability to boost the body's defense system and quell free radical activity is widely recognized. White tea protects lipid production ten times better than green tea, it is significantly more effective than just vitamin C and vitamin E. White tea skin care products can thus provide protection against free radicals and strengthen the lipids in the epidermis.

Incidentally, new American research results show that white tea not only neutralizes free radicals, but also protects the Langerhans cells, the sentinels of the immune system, in the skin.

WHITE TEA Dermal Cream WHITE TEA Dermal Cream
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WHITE TEA Dermal Cream
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