Stripped - Pure Natural Cosmetics - The best of nature for your skin

Be honest - we eat consciously, buy local fruit and vegetables at the market, pay attention to products that are as natural as possible and we also think consciously when it comes to clothing and buy materials that come from organic cotton.

Cosmetic products literally get “under our skin”. This is exactly why your daily care should also meet the highest standards. It should also care for and pamper sensitive skin with the best of nature and valuable ingredients.

“Stripped” is pure care that, as the name suggests, does not contain any artificial additives that irritate the skin. The new natural cosmetics series shows that you can have everything: synthetic colors and fragrances and the addition of preservatives were not used in the development of our new line. Skin-soothing and moisturizing ingredients and active ingredients ensure the regeneration of stressed skin.

STRIPPED 24h Moisturizing Cream STRIPPED 24h Moisturizing Cream
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STRIPPED 24h Moisturizing Cream
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